• 980544-Smart-Socket


    Smart Socket
    Type D - 575VAC

    Time Mark’s Smart Socket is the first socket which will allow monitoring of voltages up to 635 VAC with a socket-mounted Time Mark phase loss relay. The appropriate relay will allow monitoring for phase loss, phase reversal, low voltage and high voltage conditions. A key safety feature of the Smart Socket is it will not allow the voltage potential at the pin connections to rise to the full input voltage when the relay is removed. Two versions for the Smart Socket are available: one for 480 VAC and one for 575 VAC applications. The Smart Socket is designed to be used only with the Models B246, 253, 257B and 258B. Each of these relays is covered by Time Mark’s exclusive 5-Year Unconditional Warranty (Note: This product was previously designated as Model 98A544).

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  • TMC430-Pump-Controller


    Pump Controller

    The Time Mark model 430 pump controller is a versatile and advanced liquid level/pump management system. The Model 430 was designed to control up to three pumps with a 4-20mA input. It can also be used to control 2 pumps with a 4-20mA input and backup floats or to simply control two pumps with only float inputs. Alarm inputs are provided, if necessary, and may be disabled through the menu system if not used. Alarm inputs are: SF – seal fail, OT – over temperature, CF – contact failure, and SP – spare (eg. a second seal fail). A relay output is provided for the level alarm (either high or low), depending on pump configuration; PUMP UP or PUMP DOWN.

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