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The Model 2642 protects electrical equipment by sensing phase loss, low voltage and reverse phase conditions. The monitor uses a combination of voltage and phase-angle sensing, and will detect a phase loss even when regenerated voltages are present.

The Model 2642 is fail safe; the output contacts will transfer when correct power is applied, and trip out on any fault condition or complete loss of power. Each of the five voltage versions can be adjusted throughout a wide operating range. An adjustable trip delay timer prevents nuisance tripping caused by momentary voltage dips. LED indicators show NORMAL (green) and TRIP (red) status.

The Model 2642 has an automatic reset which can be converted to manual reset with the addition of a normally closed switch. The DPDT out put can be used in motor control circuits and/or alarm circuits.

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Automatic Reset




Manual Reset



Surface Mount

Phase Sensing

Phase Reversal,Phase Loss

Trip Delay


Trip Restart


Voltage Sensing

Under Voltage Protection

Voltage Range

380VAC,50 Hz