Time Mark Web Features

Welcome to Time Mark’s newly redesigned website and our first blog post. After many months of planning, we are proud to present a website that was designed to help you quickly and easily find what you need.

Here are some of the new features of our website:

  1. “Responsive” Design – Whether you’re on your computer, tablet or phone, our web pages will size to fit your device.
  2.  Improved Search Options – Search the entire website by keyword or use the “Search by Model Number” box if you already know the the model number you want in that category.
  3. Category Specific Product Filtering – The categories with the most product offerings have filters to help you narrow down your possible choices.
    1. Select one filter category or many– Only the products that fit your selection will be displayed.
    2. Clearing Filters – Click the “All” option in a filter to remove it or click the “Clear Filters” link below all the filters to wipe out all filter selections and start over again.
  4. Buy Online (Find a Distributor) –A “Buy Online” button was added to each product page to help you quickly find a stocking distributor. Clicking a Buy Online button will open a new browser window on Octopart.com where you can check for product availability and pricing from authorized Time Mark distributors.
    If Octopart.com doesn’t currently show the Time Mark product you desire, you can click Find a Distributor from our Where to Buy link at the top of the page to find a distributor near you or call us Toll-Free at (800) 862-2875 and we’ll help you find a distributor.
  5. Change Your View– The default “Grid View” will display up to 3 columns of products per page which is great for a large screen.  The “List View” button will change the display to only one column of products per page, which you may prefer on a smaller screen size.

That’s our top 5 new website features. We hope you love the new website and would value any feedback or suggestions you may have for us.