• 2734

    Over Current Sensitive Relay
    2 - 20A/1-10A/0.5-5A

    The Model 2734 Current Sensitive Relay monitors a single-phase AC current for an over-current condition. A top-mounted current transformer (CT) provides complete isolation from the control voltage as well as easy installation. Operation begins when the current being monitored rises to 10% of the trip setting, which initiates the start-up delay. When the delay expires, over-current sensing begins. In the AUTO mode, the Model 2734 resets when current drops below the trip setting. In the MANUAL mode, the unit must be reset by momentarily switching to the AUTO mode, and back, after the current fault is cleared. The TRIPPED LED indicates the output relay status. Current must drop below 10% of the trip setting for the start-up delay to restart. The standard model operates in a non-failsafe mode; if control power is lost, over-current detection is lost. A failsafe option is available, fixed or switchable. An adjustable dead band option is also available.

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