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The Model 442 Multi-Stage Alternator is designed to control the operating sequence of multi-stage motor/pumping systems. It can also be used to maintain the desired level of pressure-on air compressor systems. Four motor select DIP switches located on the front panel allow the alternator to control a single-motor/pump, two-motor/pump, three-motor/pump or four-motor/pump system. The Model 442 will assure that only the necessary motors/pumps are operating, and that the run time for each motor/pump is approximately equal. Motors are sequenced Sequence-On, Simultaneous-Off . If the motor/pumping demand requires only one motor/pump at a time, the alternator will start the next motor/pump in sequence each time an input switch is closed. Input switches may be float switches, pressure switches, flow switches, etc. , as required by the application.

Potential uses for the Model 442 include water supply systems, sewage disposal plant systems, storage tank filling systems, air compressor systems, irrigation and water recycling systems.

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